Our Completed Projects List

Item Project Description Contract Sum (RM) Client Name Completion
1. Bungalow Refurbishment Project at Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam. 600,000.00 Mr Shiva 2010
2. Demolish & Re-build of 1 unit Double Storey Bungalow Project in Section 6 of Petaling Jaya (R.C. Structure Work, Architecture Works & Interior Design Works). 650,000.00 Mr Leon Ng 2010
3. Office cum Warehouse Building Design & Build Project at Kg. Baru Subang. 1,300,000.00 BIS Chemical 2010
4. Earth Work Project at Pulau Carey, Hulu Langat. 2,000,000.00 Ketara Teknik 2010
5. Sub-contract for RC Work for TG Industrial Project at Telok Gong, Klang. 650,000.00 Sin Yee Harp Construction 2010
6. Earth Work Project at North Port, Klang. 1,040,000.00 JASA Freight 2011
7. Earth Work and Drainage work for 2 Units of Show Units at Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang. 100,000.00 Khas Corporation 2012
8. SOX World Warehouse Extension project 200,000.00 Maybird Soxs Shop 2012
9. BABA Product Factory Extension project in Selayang 500,000.00 BABA Products 2012
10. Design & Build for Executive Club Refurbishment Project at Ampang 650,000.00 Kelab Darul Ehsan 2012
11. Earth Work Project at Kota Kemuning Industrial Land 200,000.00 Yap Yoon Foong 2013
12. Fencing work for government school in Parkland Klang 200,000.00 Wu Teck 2013
13. Re-construction of sub-structure for new production line plant for BABA’s Products in Selayang 800,000.00 BABA Products 2013
14. Construction of 1 unit factory with 2 stories office Project at Sungai Kapar Indah, Kapar 1,500,000.00 Perusahaan Jaya Plastik 2013
15. 3-Storey Detached Factory Construction Work at Semenyih 1,500,000.00 Sin Yee Harp Construction 2013
16. New Detached Single Storey Office Building Demolish and Rebuild & Refurbish Works in Westport for Vertex Mission Sdn Bhd. 600,000.00 Vertex Mission 2014
17. New Factory extension work for BABA’s Products in Meru Klang 1,500,000.00 BABA Products 2014
18. New Detached Factory with Single Storey Office Building Construction Work for Sungai Sendok Group in Kapar 1,800,000.00 Sungai Sendok Group 2014
19. New Detached Factory with 3-Storey Office Building Construction Work for Sin Yee Harp Construction in Kajang Bandar Technology 2,000,000.00 Sin Yee Harp Construction 2014
20. R.C. Water Tank (1000m3 capacity) Construction Work in Yeoh Hiap Seng Factory at Shah Alam for Millennium Water Treatment & Engineering Sdn Bhd. 600,000.00 Yeoh Hiap Seng 2015
21. Site Clearing & Earth Work Project of 35 acres of Commercial Development in Batu Gajah , Perak. 900,000.00 Silverland Capital 2015
22. New Detached Factory with 3-Storey Office Building Construction Work for Sin Yee Hup Construction in Bukit Beruntung Serendah. 2,500,000.00 Sin Yee Harp Construction 2015
23. Site Clearing & Infrastructure Works o5 5 acres Industrial Land in Westport Klang. 300,000.00 JASA Freight 2015
24. Depot cum Office Construction Project in Westport Klang. 150,000.00 JASA Freight 2015
25. Depot cum Office Construction Project in PKFZ, Westport Klang. 1,500,000.00 JASA Freight 2016